Our Digital Future

As we work together to build a stronger, more resilient Tasmania, the need for a clear vision and ambitious strategy for digital transformation is more important than ever before. As a local and global community, we are united by the need to interact with one another and transact business in an increasingly digital environment.

The Tasmanian Government is working hard to ensure that our communities, businesses and public services are well-equipped to adopt and adapt to the use of new technologies. We are committed to supporting the development of digital industries, services and skills, and more opportunities for digitally disadvantaged Tasmanians.

At the same time, we are committed to safeguarding the integrity of the information that we use, share and manage on behalf of the people of Tasmania to develop more targeted and effective policies and more efficient, streamlined government services.

Our vision is for a prosperous and connected Tasmania, collaborating and thriving in a technology-enabled world.

Our goal is to develop stronger foundations to support 'anytime, anywhere’ services and information. For Government, that doesn't mean taking away existing service options, such as face-to-face or phone access. It means developing an improved range of seamless services that offer more choice, greater convenience and flexibility.

In the years to come, we will continue to face many challenges. The work we do now will help us to overcome those challenges. Together, we can leverage the digital environment in which we live and work to achieve our personal best, improve our health and wellbeing, and develop new skills and capabilities for our children, our businesses and our future.

I commend the vision and objectives of Our Digital Future and encourage you to work with us to turn our vision into reality, helping Tasmania to grow and flourish in the digital world.

Hon Madeleine Ogilvie MP
Minister for Science and Technology